Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is Leapforce a good job for retirees?

Leapforce is a good way to make money working from home, it can be a good source of income for retirees and people with a full-time job who want to make extra money.  Leapforce should be thought of as part time, the availability of work can be inconsistent at times, those just starting with Leapforce will not be given as much work as experienced agents, and even experienced agents may not always be assigned work amounting to 40 hours per week.

What is required to work for Leapforce?

You must have a computer with internet access, Wi-Fi in your home is best, and you must have a smartphone.  Most of your work will be done using the smartphone.  If your eyesight is not the best, it’s good to have a large screen, some of the text you will be reading can be very small.  You need to know how to manipulate the screen to enlarge the text and scroll around.  Knowing how to install and use apps is also useful.

Before you are accepted as a Leapforce agent you will have to read and understand the guidelines they will send you.  Then you will have to pass an exam which includes true/false questions and a practical section that simulate the tasks you will be doing when you are hired.  For more information see my article on taking the exam, keep in mind that the exam process changes and some aspects of the exam may be different from what I wrote then. 

What challenges might seniors have while doing Leapforce evaluation tasks?

I am 62 as of this writing so I understand some of the challenges of seniors.  Reading small print on smartphones can be challenging.  If you aren’t accustomed to working with smartphones, it can take some getting used to.  Before you apply with Leapforce, practice searching the internet on your phone.  Download a couple of apps, like Yelp or YouTube, and try using them.  Familiarize yourself with the functions of your phone, how to magnify what’s on the screen, how to scroll horizontally and vertically, and change the volume of the media playback.

The job involves lots of time sitting at the computer.  If you have a problem sitting in one place for a long period of time, you can break up your work sessions.  Leapforce is very flexible about your hours, both how many you work and when you work, so you can do several one-hour sessions instead of one long session if you prefer.

The types of sites you will visit may or may not be a challenge for you.  You can tell Leapforce that you don’t want to visit sites with Adult content (porn), although some will accidentally get through to you, but you can refuse the task if that happens.  However they don’t classify vulgar rap music as adult content, which I’ve suggested to them that they should, some rap is not vulgar or obscene but some is and if you haven’t heard it before it can be shocking.  You will also visit more sites about Pokemon than you could imagine existed.  You will also encounter a lot of other video game sites and incredibly pointless YouTube channels and twitter feeds. Through all of that, though, you will learn a lot about pop culture, gain some conversation starters and be able to talk to your grand kids about Pokemon.

Even if you are struggling to find any redeeming value to some of the websites you visit, you have to keep in mind that your job is to rate the value of the webpage based on what a “typical” user who typed in that query wants to see or learn about.


With the caveats mentioned above, working for Leapforce and be a great second job or supplement to your income at any age.  If you think you are interested in becoming a Leapforce agent take a look at my other articles to learn more:

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