Saturday, April 8, 2017

How many hours a week can you work on Leapforce?

People often ask me how many hours a week you can work for Leapforce; currently you are limited to 40 hours a week, but soon that will be changing.  A new policy has just been announced that limits hours to 26 per week.  Starting June 1, 2017 Yukon raters in the US will be restricted to working no more than 26 hours per week.  This will disappoint many people hoping to make Leapforce a full time job.  I believe it is probably difficult to consistently get 40 hours per week every week anyway, but I’m sure some people come close to that.  Leapforce workers who consistently worked more than 26 hours per week will now have to find other work to supplement their income.

If you work for Leapforce from a country other than the US your rules may be different, based on the labor laws in your country, so this policy change will probably not affect you.

Though this policy change is bad news for many people, it could be good for people looking for part time income that aren’t already working for Leapforce. I assume that Leapforce will be hiring more raters because they will have to cover the work that others will soon be restricted from doing.  For better or worse, everyone needs to be aware of the policy change and take that into account in their financial planning.

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