Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Leapforce FAQ's

I get a lot of the same questions from readers and often the comments are on different posts so it’s hard for everyone to find what they need.  So I thought I’d organize the most often asked questions into one post, hopefully this will be helpful for everyone.

First I want to talk a little about what this blog will do and what it won’t do.  Because of the non-disclosure agreement I signed when I started working for Leapforce, I can’t discuss the specifics about the guidelines or how to rate a webpage.  If a comment asks for this kind of detail, I just don’t post it.  Also sometimes readers will ask me to answer specific questions just for them, I don’t want to start doing that.  The purpose of this blog is to share general information about working for Leapforce and taking the qualification exam.  I hope and believe that this information is helpful for a lot of readers.

How much work will be available when I start working for Leapforce?

This is the most frequently asked question.  Unfortunately, it is also impossible to answer.  When you first start working you will probably not get as much work as you would like, there is a probation period where they evaluate your work and they expect you to improve as you go.  If you are getting good evaluations of your work you will keep getting more work, if you receive poor evaluations the amount of work will be restricted.

The amount of work available also depends on how much work and how many projects the company has going.  There will be times when there just isn’t that much work to do, this often happens in the summer and around the holidays.  There will be other times when Leapforce has an abundance of work, when that happens they often encourage us to work more by offering a bonus for working more hours.  Occasionally Leapforce will announce the start of a new project and offer the opportunity to qualify for and work on those projects.  To keep your rater queue full, it’s a good idea to take advantage of these opportunities.

No matter how much work is available, Leapforce won’t pay you for more than 40 hours per week.

What if I have technical problems while taking the Leapforce Qualification Exam?

From reading numerous comments I can see that Leapforce is not very responsive when people report issues with the exam.  I don’t know why this is, once you are working for Leapforce they are very responsive to questions and technical issues, but I suspect that they believe that if you have problems doing the test you will also have problems when doing the work.  It is a test after all, they are testing you that you can understand and follow instructions and apply the guidelines, but they are also testing that your equipment (mobile phone, PC, router, internet service) all works well with their system.

If you do have technical issues I would suggest emailing them anyway, it may affect their decision whether or not to offer you a chance to retake the exam.  You should also try to solve the problem yourself.  Re-read all the instructions and make sure you are following them to the letter. Also, as one reader commented, keep trying, it’s possible that either your system or theirs was having temporary issues.

Will I get a chance to take the Exam again, and will I have to re-take all three parts or just the one I failed?

Yes, often people report that they are offered the chance to re-take the exam, even up to three times.  If they are going to give you a second chance you will get an email sometime after the exam deadline has passed.  And yes, according to readers, when you take the exam again you will have to repeat all the parts.

What is the best advice you can give to help me pass the Leapforce Qualification Exam?

Prepare yourself.  Read the guidelines and study all the examples they give.

Start the exam early.  In case there are any technical issues you want to have time to resolve them before the deadline.  You don’t want to feel rushed, you will think more clearly when you aren’t stressed.

Read everything carefully.  One of the things they are testing you on is your ability to understand instructions and follow them.

Take your time.  Especially with part 1, the questions in part 1 are tricky, read them carefully several times if you have to and be sure you understand them before you answer.  I don’t think the exam is timed, however, if you don’t hit the submit button for 30 minutes it may sign you out of the server. This may be the cause of some technical problems that people encounter.

Keep the pdf version of the guidelines open while taking the exam.  The pdf version is keyword searchable, it is allowed and advisable to refer to the guidelines while taking the exam, so take advantage of it.

How do you keep track of your time on each task and for the purposes of your invoice?

I don’t think it helps to keep track of your time on each individual task.  You don’t have to be under their expected time on every task, instead the average time of all of each type of task you do has to meet their expected time.  So you should just occasionally check that you are within a minute or two of the expected time.

As far as the invoice goes you just need to keep track of the total time you work each day.  There are numerous online timers you can use to keep track, or you can be low-tech like me and just note the time you start working and when you stop.

How are you paid when you work for Leapforce?

You are paid monthly via direct deposit.  (This is for US workers, I’m not sure about other countries)  You will submit your invoice on the first day of the month for the previous month’s work. If there are no problems with the times you reported, you will be paid within 30 days.  I usually receive my pay around the 21st of the month.

Thanks for reading my blog!  Keep asking questions and sharing information so we can help each other succeed! 


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