Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to improve your rating performance with Leapforce tools

Leapforce has several new tools to help agents improve their rating performance.  Every month the agent’s work is evaluated and a score ranging from unacceptable to perfect is assigned.  If the agent has too many unacceptable ratings they may be restricted from performing those tasks they are doing poorly on or their contract may be terminated.  It is in the company’s benefit to retain trained workers so they provide detailed feedback and tools to help raters improve their performance.  It is always in the raters best interest to go over the monthly feedback of their performance and make note of the kinds of tasks or categories they are getting wrong, and alter their future ratings accordingly.

On the agent’s Rater Home Page are visual tools that provide a quick way to monitor performance.  A rater can easily see which categories he might be misunderstanding.  With that knowledge the agent can review the guidelines for just the problem categories.  Another chart also shows whether the rater has a tendency to either over-rate or under-rate the webpage’s quality, so the rater can make adjustments accordingly.

Leapforce hosts a weekly webchat, giving agents the opportunity to ask questions about specific issues.  I haven’t been able to attend one of these sessions as they are held on weekday mornings when I am at my full-time job, but they do make transcripts available and allow agents to ask questions or suggest topics in advance of the chat session.

These relatively new tools that augment the quizzes and examples available on the rater’s home page and the detailed feedback provided as part of the monthly evaluation.  Using these tools, agents should have no problem keeping their performance in acceptable ranges.


  1. Dear Friend,

    Pl let me know the following queries

    1. How much work is generally available in a month?
    2. On an average how many hour's job can be accomplished in a month
    3. I shall be operating from India and here rates is $7/ hr. how much income can I generate in a month?
    4. In your post you have mentioned you earned $300 - $400 per month but that's a meager amount considering US's average family income around $2500/ month. How does that money help you ?

    1. I don't know if I can answer your questions to your satisfaction. It is hard to say how much work is available, it will depend on your work evaluations, how much work they have for raters in India, and seasonal variability. As for how much I make, I have increased the amount of time I work so I make between $600 - $1000 per month now. But I do other work besides Leapforce, this is just a part time job for me.

      Sorry I can't answer your question, even Leapforce doesn't guarantee you will have as much work as you'd like to have. My advice is to find some other way to supplement the income you make with Leapforce. Good luck to you.