Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quick Note on Mechanical Turk

When you register for an account as a worker with Mechanical Turk, Amazon has to approve your account.  That took two days for me even though I have both buyer and seller accounts with Amazon already.  So I haven’t had enough time to try out the site to give a thorough report on it yet.  

From reading forum posts by MTurk workers, it sounds like it is low paying at first, but as the “requesters” (the people paying to have the work done) learn that you are reliable and accurate, you can earn more.  The higher paying jobs often have qualifications you must meet before you can work on those jobs.  One positive aspect of Mechanical Turk is that it seems to have a lot more available tasks to work on than Clickworker, so I think there is more potential income on MTurk.

I’ll post a full review once I’ve done more work on the site.

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