Sunday, December 8, 2013

Crush It – a review

Crush It: Why now is the time to cash in on your passion,  by Gary Vaynerchuk

With the recent economic downturn and so many people out of work there has been an upsurge in self-employment.  Many people want to start their own business but don’t know what sort of business to get in to.  Gary Vaynerchuk shows us how to cash in on what we are most passionate about in this business classic.

As Vayerchuk warns it will take a lot of work to make that dream come true, but if you are doing something you love it won’t seem like work.

There is a lot of emphasis in the business world right now on Branding; how to make your product or service stand out among the rest.  Whether you are an individual or have a small to medium sized business creating a memorable brand and using it to market your business across all the social media and internet is the new wave of marketing.  Crush It discusses numerous ways to develop a brand and disseminate it across the internet.

The main message of the book is to be true to yourself when creating a brand and deciding how to promote your business.  For example, I’m a writer so blogging is my medium, but folks with great oral communication skills would be great at podcasting.  The key is to find what you are most comfortable with, and that is most likely what you will excel at.

Building a community of followers and customers is what you are trying to achieve.  Your community helps get the word out about your business by sharing your information through social media.

Bottom line, whatever your interest or specialty, there are people out there looking for the information, products or service you can provide.   Thanks to the internet and mobile devices we are no longer restricted to marketing only in our local area.  The whole world is open to us so we have no excuse to not get out there and Crush It.

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